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(As it was impressed in the epilogue of his book “Raja Yoga. Noetic elevation of the Mind from the conscience to the hyperconscience”)

Nikolaos A. Margioris (1913-1993)

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              Clarification: The Experience that appears below concerns Nikolaos A. Margioris (1913-1933), who in the epilogue of his book Raja Υoga. Noetic elevation of the Mind from the conscience to the hyperconscience”, for educational and informative reasons he describes his first spiritual Experience – Samadhi – Theosis that he had at a young age (almost 13 years old), as well as the eve of the feast day that took place during his childhood and directed him to this full Experience – Enlightenment.

            To the informing of every concerned – searcher or student of the Esoterism we quote selfsame the experience of d. N. Margioris as he himself imprinted it in writing, accentuating in bold characters or upper case or relevant underlines the points that we consider as primely important, and that need excess attention.




            In this area of this scientific book of RAJA YOGA, in the epilogue, I shall talk to you about what I didn’t manage to write in the formation of the chapters. This because they are irrelevant in depth and they are separate.
They concern experiences of the writer on this subject I write and the narration of these experiences takes place in order to help the reader to judge as much the written as his own probable impulses for the Mysteries of this Being of ours.
            When I was very young, almost a child, a very small child, I felt within me the unbridled desire to look beyond the world that the senses brought in front of me. This was something very Imperative that bubbled inside me and demanded from me to conform with its order. Some images irrelevant to my childish interests flied before me, in my wake and in my daily life, like unworldly memories and like faded dreams.
            It was not once, it was not twice, when I sat to assort and to classify these memories. Then I felt my head heavy and the members of my body numb. My eyes closed and I saw that I flied in other worlds, searching the Passage. Then I had a curious sense about It. As if it were a Special Passage, wherefrom I would pass and I would be found in other, completely different Worlds, where instead of childish plays, I would see Wise to teach me in incomprehensible things.
            In these premature thoughts about the life or about another different life, I hung around the worlds of my probably childish imagination, until once I was found before this Torrent of the curious Light, that it was as if it came out from a strange HOLE, as big as the Sky was, in my always childish imagination.
            An attraction approached me and brought me little by little, in this Unprecedented Fire, in which or around it some odd beings, quite different than those I knew, passed. But the strange was that as nearer I approached  this curious passageway, this colorless Fire, this smokeless and flameproof firing, I didn’t feel the Fire burning  me nor event scaring me.
            Even, at a moment I remembered that I had passed before from an area of this Luminous Pipe, and I also remembered that I was not alone then but many folks of mine accompanied me, even thick folks. Then I looked around me but in this tour of mine near the Luminous Passageway, I saw nobody, nobody at all to accompany me. Momently, I was taken aback. But then I was self-satisfying, telling myself that some others would come to help me.
            Thus, I let free myself again, coming little by little near the Vast Diode and trying to approach as much as I could, the points that as if I knew them from my old ascensions, to the Unknown, Exactly that moment, I understood that I did not go alone. An Eerie, Crystal-Clear Voice, guided me every minute and defined me the places wherefrom I would pass, in order to enter exactly the same Luminous Ray, which from I had passed sometime.
            But there it was. The voice approached very close to me and I recognized it. After I began to dance, to cry also myself its name, the name of the Entity, of its existent or inexistent form that called me in a familiar, dear, unforgettable and Eternal Voice, with another known and beloved name, to approach.
            By this voice I came nearer and nearer to the now Lucid Sky, when in front of the curious lights I saw that they formed and under-formed, a great Wave of Attraction drifted me, like that I had felt in the sea, when I first swam.
            That moment I lose every perception of the world around. Suddenly, everything was lost and also I was lost in these.
            In fractions of a second, I was found high, where I remembered before I ascended and before I penetrated the Ringer, this Ring Pass Not (not beyond the ring of the rationalism), But by my abrupt transit through the Central Torrent of the Fire and the momentary loss of the perception of the facts around me, I felt something very improbable, difficult to explain and to interpret, something that cannot be said itself and that a strong Mind can hold and ABOVE ALL impress.
            A strange and unfamiliar and incomprehensible feeling, perception possessed me now. Within me ALL, was lost, completely lost and only ONE thing remained. I thought and I felt that ALL the world was stuck with me and me with It, and that now I supposedly found my right situation, that the whole Creation had become ONE with me.
            At the beginning the sense-perception gave me a deep and painful pinch of this kind. I fluttered. I saw like a Vision down in my room, my physical body, very-very small, lying, and I didn’t like this at all. It did not suit all what I felt that moment, the Great, the Huge, the Gracious. But immediately I got together and I separated one from another, so stably, that in a sympathy I left quick apprehension and I kept living these curious moments.
            But the dramatic continuance was unforgettable for me and this first Experience about the ascension, to the transcended situation, remained in my being. And I say the first because in the passage of my life I passed also by other similar experiences and I followed the same Passageway, exactly the same Direction, with the same reactions and with all what I described you above.
            However, I will also recite to you the continuance of this first experience of mine, the latest of which, as I told you, were the effigies of the first one. Being in this situation, I easily understood that I was in a known, luminous area, extensive and multi-frequented, from a curious expression of Life, that while it was quite known to me from a long time, that moment I didn’t know at all how to live it…
            Under that problem I was, on the contrary I felt that I liver the situations or the transformations of others at an unbelievable speed, as if I flied and I couldn’t locate or clarify what I felt. That strange split that I felt at the same time that I don’t know how to act and to live and both that I lived the life itself of the others or of the other world or of the whole Universe, troubled me violently.
            Then I head the familiar crystal voice asking me to listen to it and to participate to the Work of the Cause, of the Creation itself that at just at that time, formed NEW WOMBS IDEAS, that would constitute the oncoming phenomena, in our natural dimension,
            A strange emotion overcame and stirred me. Then I realized that for the netherworld I was a child and that the power of my Being was limited and prisoner, so as not to be expressed, but like only a camera, to take the Pictures of these phenomena that would appear sometime to the physical dimension. While I felt like this, I sensed within me a strange power to push me and to move not my Being itself, but MY once forgotten EXPERIENCES.
            A Sea of Fire went out from me then and it made very high and creative undulations with lights in Shapes and Schemes and in creatures, that for the world of the form, our physical world, were unknown and rather useless and foreign. But that moment, my role was to create these luminous seas because they were supposed to contribute to the creativeness of another curious Life.
            However, the Protective Voice in a curious joy united with me and finally I noticed – I realized that I became ONE with it and that it was My very Self, my very own Sound, of a voice and of a curious logic or percept that I felt, at that very known area, where I supposed to have been once.
            Thus a Union, a strange identification, a mutual consciousness of the same perceptions and of the same reactions took place. It appeared that everything started from me or rather this Union or also from that other mine, but united now or split. Like always, I realized then that the split of my being, was the same ONE whose the piece I had become or that we had been mutually absorbed        , in the same situation, no matter if I was a child and the other with me, was a BEING, a PRIME POWER.
            That Alike deed lasted long and I have the absolute apperception that during those great moments I conduced to the BIRTH OF THE WOMB IDEAS. As I described to you there were two worlds within me as well as two strange different situations that I myself experienced then.
            The one situation was that I was thrown in a known area that I knew and I lived in it once. Then my life in there had many things proportional to the life of this world, but at a higher shocking rhythm and with subtler and incomparable impressions and experiences.
            However the other impression – percept, being higher placed, that stirred my up and penetrated me, dominated and ruled me was that I contributed in something very General, very Great, very Great, very True and very DIVINE. I felt pain for that formation. But I also felt within me such an Admiration for myself.
            I lived in the Kingship of the Heaven…
            I can’t remember how long exactly this story lasted. I remember that I passed through the Opening of the Channel of Fire, under the guidance of the Crystal Voice and even at a great ease, astride on the sub marginal Ray (Stream), on which I had ascended the moment of my approach to the point of this area. I arrived to my bedroom and I saw my little body.
            I used to consider my Being big and I didn’t believe that I would get into that so little car. But I made an effort and I went in. I felt my eyes, my head, my body and my breast tighten, I suffered so much. Then I began to cry. I didn’t have the power to justify this departure of mine from THERE, that in a way I contributed in the same Creativeness of the Prime power of the GREAT MIND itself.

Athens, October 21st, 1982

Nikolaos A. Margioris

             Note: Nikolaos A. Margioris (1913-1993) was a newpythagorean Esoteric Philosopher, an experiencing Metaphysical Master and a Christocentral and Christocratic Mystic.
            He established the newpytagorean Philosophic Scools – Omakoios (from omou-together we hear an esoteric-spiritual teaching) of Athens, Lamia and Trikala in which he taught with open hand, through the multifarious knowledge and the wealth of his experiences in the East and in the West and particularly through the filter of his spiritual experiences, the Esoteric Philosophy (Esoterism), the Systems and the Practices of the Preponderant Kinds of Yoga and of the Mysticism and a plethora of Systems of the Esoteric Therapeutics.
            His Omakoios – Schools continue unobstructed their operation and the provision of the Esoteric Knowledge and of the Practical Education while they have created branches in different part of Greece.
            The total of his writing work runs into more than 180 Books that he wrote within just 23 years (1970-1993) and every concerned can see summaries and their contents in the Greek and in the English at our site: or ask us to send him as an acquaintance offer FREE the bilingual Greek-English magazine “New Omakoio” of 100 pages, in whish the total of his writing work and relative articles are included or .
            Contact telephone: 0030-24310-75505 or 0030-6974-580768.
            E-mails: or

Deposit us the opinions from the study of books of Nikolaos Margioris, from acquaintance that you had with him or with his students and that other by any chance experience of apprenticeship or contact existed with him, even from hearings third person that were reported in the life and in the work of N. Margioris.
We hope the present step becomes one still digester of all that they knew indirectly or immediately the N. Margioris and were helped with anyone way from That or have something to deposit for this and his work.
You we beforehand thank for your attendance and we hope the present page it constitutes a step for meeting of all that they came in contact with him and they wish they deposit the experience or their opinion or simply they are informed for the life and his work.

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