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 The Wisdom Drops constitute some passages and gleanings of various books by Master Nikolaos A. Margioris.
They contain the Eternal Truths, many important information, findings and new revelations, guidances, advices and admonitions that result from the deep Mysticist Knowledge and Experience of same and give a sample of his own particular Uniting Vibration as well as of the kind and the quality of the works he has left as a stock for every man who really wants to discern the right way of penetrating in his internal Being, in the Esoteric Reality.

From various books by Master Nikolaos A. Margioris

- "Without any personal freedom for the existence of God, the Religious Faith is a formalism, without any value and substance". Book: "Three-dimensional and Four-dimensional World", page 177.

- "Every intellectual success is a new mistake of Mind, which replaces the proved falsehoods of the past, with alleged ascertained truths of our times". Book: "Three-dimensional and Four-dimensional World", page 199.

- "Mysticism is the headlight of Religion and the salvation of Church. Where there is not Mysticism, there is formalism and idolatry. Mysticism is the unique way and the only passage to the meeting with the Holy Ghost.

- Jesus Christ was first Master of this way, for the meeting of man with the Holy Ghost. I shall send you the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter, which will help you in the return way. Where is Christ, there is Spirit. Where is Spirit there is Mysticist. Where is Mysticist there is the presence of God-Christ". Book: "Mysticism", page 317.

- Mysticists know very well that their fellow-men are not ready to enter the spiritual transmission of the thoughts, ideas and wills of God. For this reason they recommend the direction of the unprepared ones to church, from where they will take the future salutary mystic life". Book: "Mysticism", page 277.

- "Let Mysticism free to be expanded and help it, because it is the only way for all the humanity to return to piety, to morality, to the spiritual (Intellectual) health and to the peaceful co-existence with all the human race's peoples". Book: "Mysticism", page 73.

- "Heresies are made and presented to Dogmas, to celebrations, to the various interpretations, to the rhetoric and extrovert manifestations of Piety. In true Mysticism all these do not exist neither occur nor can take place because the way is One and needs FAITH to God and ADORATION to God and TRUE PERFECTION TO THE... FAITHFUL FELLOW... Here the words of the formalism get weakened and the holocaust of EGO prevails through SACRIFICE"... Book: "Mysticism", page 259.

- Between Christianic and Hinduistic Mysticism, there is a difference, in the way of the spirit-soul emancipation from its prison which is the physical body of man. As much as strange it may appear to you, it is just so. Hinduistic Mysticism is traded through the same body and meets somewhere there, in its abyssal depths, the spirit-soul and its disciple enters there, becomes smaller and gets united with the invisible and immortal reality, the BRAHMAN-SPIRIT OF GOD...
On the contrary. In Christian Mysticism, the spirit-soul gets out of body and travels highly and is directed wherever the Father's Divine House opens its shut up doors to receive the prodigal and repented son who has returned.
Certainly, the two courses will end to6 Father's Gnofos. For the two courses, have as their unique aim Eternal Father... waiting the arrival of His children". Book: "Mysticism", page 290.

- "What prevents fellow-man to enter Truth? ˆt is the lack of a HEALTHY AND LIGHTED MIND. Then, why do everybody bring out the argument of soul? Because they do not know the exact truth". Book: "Mysticism", page 320.

- No system, no Religion and no Philosophy has the right to the Power neither the strength to assert itself to the human soul, which way it will follow in order to meet and to get united with its Father in heavens. Only soul itself can direct its own being, its own vibration, its own direction and enjoy only itself Father's attraction.
It is very funny and even absurd for others to want by different pretexts to direct soul into the parts which it does not wish and which does not search for. Besides, above all this, there is Father's immovable call who by His Divine Grace, made able soul to turn to Spirit and the Eternity Source, in order to find its proper reward.
The human laws, which in appearance only represent the wills of God are wrong when they demand to direct the souls by their dogmatic orders in ways imaginary and foreign to the absolute reality which is the permanent bound between God-man, the spirit-soul and the Holy Ghost.
When the call of man takes place, when he is called to HIS DESTINATION, when the mortal human being takes his message, then he rejects the temporary things and not asking anyone and anything, he walks to the way of his invitation, which the Holy Ghost directs according to the programs of our True Father and God and Benefactor". (Mysticism Book, page 49).

-"Faith in its external and in its intellectual necessity will be changed at a moment, into KNOWLEDGE, having its natural and fatal consequence, the communication between man and God. Until the faith, Religion and Church fullfilled their holy duty. Thence to KNOWLEDGE, Mysticism undertakes to help soul and to lead it to the Holy Ghost, where the communication between man and God is the result". Book "Mysticism", p. 51.

- "The Sacrifice power overpasses the Love power and the Justice power". Book: Birth and Death of the Worlds, p. 21.

- "Here is the mistaken view: that soul is bad. Soul is by nature perfect and is distinguished only in an experienced or an inexperienced soul, in our physical world". Book: Socrate's last day, p. 55.

- "This is the modern man's inability to ascend the supersubstantial chambers of the transgression. The human race has been degenerated. It let the line of conscience-subsconcience close. Extroversion won struggle. Every day man becomes more foreign to his true substance. He leaves in a quickness as great as (relatively) is the rapidity of the stars retirement in the space... He will lose all his qualities as a superior animal. His so-called square logic is nothing else than his identification with the exterior objects, with matter". Book: Kriya Yoga, p. 344.

- "The proper souls come and inceasingly visit us and offer us their true teachings. In every generation and in every times the guides, masters, prophets, leaders, saints and true soul saviours get incarnated. They give us again the lost method and indicate us how to pass the impassable path of the accomplishment. What is accomplishment? It is the function of our Mind by another separate furrow (vibration) besides our logic (conscience) and the subconscience". Book: Kriya Yoga, p. 346.

- "But what was exactly the strange word INITIATION? It derives from the verb "to initiate" meaning to close. To close the senses for the world of the sensible things where I am and where I belong. But I open another kind of sensitiveness for the hypersensible upper world. Undoubtedly, our ancestors knew and studied this Hyperconscience of the conscience elevation in higher matter frequencies-vibrations. Everything confirms us that Platonic Socrate's THOUGHT was the use of the hyperconscious experience". Book: Raja Yoga, p. 21.

- "I mentioned above that each of these systems serves a particular period and a Root Race. So, I consider necessary to reveal to you that in our times, Great Yoga, Maha Yoga or Raja Yoga has the first word and prevails to all her other Yoga sisters. When I say "our times" I mean a period that began five hundred years ago and that will need about another one thousand five hundred years to cover its destination.
In Esoterism we know that the present period is the Great Period of Great Yoga, that is of Raja Yoga. These words are not only mine. Alice Baily in the "Light of Soul" presents us her Master's Jval Kul saint revelations. Well-known student of India's last saint Ramakrisna, great Yogi philosopher Vivekananda, writes or rather underlines the same thing in his unforgettable speeches". Book: Raja Yoga, p. 38.

- "Guided by the Accomplishment Light, I ask my reader but also my student to reject everything he individually does not experience, after a special training by the wise system of ascension to the hyperconscience of Raja Yoga. One more advice: The searcher should not proceed by himself, without any master to his elevation to Hyperconsciousness". Book: Raja Yoga, p. 16.

- "In order that the student may be able to say that he knows the completed Yoga (RAJA YOGA), he must definitely know how to tear the covering that permanently separates Mind from hypermind. A simple participation in the student's theory and philosophy, as unfortunately happens in our times, does not bear results of rupturing the crystal iron ring surrounding hyperconscience or hypermind". Book: Raja Yoga, p. 29.

- "Every suffering and every misery of all men and of all times, have as their basis and their cause this felonious concealing of our esoteric Self from the untrained and the vain outer ego". Book: Raja Yoga, p. 38.

- "Every idea of the Supreme Mind, after coming out of its Subjectivity to the Mind Obectivity, is directed and treasured in the Eternal Treasury - Archives and it becomes a matrix, a principle, an idea from which at a certain Moment of the Universe, a Creature, a new Universe, a Soul will be reproduced." Book: Light in Darkness, p. 387.

- "All the miracles on Earth, have been created by the hypersensitive beings who get another kind of knowledge - information and form the musical compositions by the Divine harmonies (Beethoven) of the colour representations, the inexhaustible wealthy photocolouring presentations of the internal worlds (Michelangelo and El Greko), by the sculpted depictions of the Divine persons and of the other harmony representations and beauty attainments (Phidias), and finally, by the eternal word news and information of the revealed wisdom (Platon)". Book: The Other Aspect of Erich Von Dainiken's Dogma, p. 18.

- "The holy Mysticism by only one simple and humple phrase announces this Esoteric PRINCIPLE of every esoteric philosophy. What we call YOU never existed and does not exist, nor this false EGO exists.
YOU and EGO were always the ONE, WE, YOU. We never stopped being the ONLY ONE with all the formed or the unformed things. From the very beginning we were and we are still the visible and the invisible, subjectively and objectively, beyond our past thoughts, SIMILARLY ALL and all together, we constituted and constitute now here the UNIQUE ONE.
The so-called INDIVIDUALISM composes, according to the Initiates of all the centuries, the worldly well-known FALL". Book: The Other Aspect of Erich Von Dainiken's Dogma, p. 69.

- "One of these is the Egyptian SPHINX which by its sculpted symbolism, gives us the required theorem about the soul immortality and about the worlds formation. This construction was very ancient, even before the first Egyptians appeared. It is a monument of our last but one civilization of Atlantians, an edifice of the first period that was set up in about 25.000 years, before the appearance and the submersion of Atlantians in Atlantis continent, before even the second cataclysm-sinking by which the legendary hyperisland Posidonia, the last breath and existence of Atlantians disappeared". Book: The Other Aspect of Erich Vom Dainiken's Dogma, p. 99.

- "Is it possible for us while we live as EARTHLY BEINGS, to live simultaneously in the outer universes as OUT-TERRESTRIAL BEINGS and to exist as HYPER-TERRESTRIAL BEINGS?
Is it possible for us to exist as THREE-SUBSTANTIAL BEINGS?
In my opinion, we should be somehow like this.
Since the very ancient revelation we have been knowing many things about it.
Hermes the Three-Substantial, Oshiris, Ishis, Oros, Indian Three-Substantial Brahma = Creator, Visnu = Conservator Sivas = Catalyst, as well as the Christianic highlight. That is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Perhaps, body is for the Earth. Our soul itself is for the endless systems of the formed world and our Saint and Holy Spirit is for our Esoteric Dimensions that are hidden from the world.
Therefore, we are EARTHLY, OUT-EARTHLY, HYPER-TERRESTRIAL BEINGS". Book: The Other Aspect of Erich Von Dainiken's Dogma, p. 260.

- "It seems that the Serafims orders, these angelic enlightened orders at the head of which Michael the Brigadier is, know this science. I say that they uniquely know this science of this Power use, for their individual-materialization in the lower Universes of the Esoteric depth and over here, in our three-dimensional existence". Book: The Other Aspect of Erich Von Dainiken's Dogma, p. 346.

- "This complementary writing about Saint Patapio's great work was at the same time necessary and imposed to me, his biographer, since for sixteen continual years I had been near him and tried to be coordinated with him, seizing his great thoughts he left to humanity for its perfection necessity.
All these were based on my perspicacity and were pulled up from the etheric archives that were listed once, when in our physical world, this venerable Saint Patapio's figure existed. I got these details of the Saint's works from that eternal etheric archives, and I state them here in the extrovert dialect, as I was inspired by them". Book: Patapios the Humble, the Philosopher and Saint from Egypt, p. 14-15.

- "Saint Patapios was a religious initiate. You should not consider this fact strange. There are initiates or otherwise attained and enlightened men whose the aim is to help some Religion. Any Religion has as its objective purpose to afford soul SPIRITUAL FOOD, to help man and particularly manmind to turn towards the spiritmind and to train it in the death phenomenon problem". Book: Patapios the Humble, the Philosopher and Saint from Egypt, p. 139.

- "This knowledge of man's victory on the natural elements was called MAGIC and its workers were called MAGICIANS. Magic or the wise-magicians science composed man's hyperscience on Earth during its times. For thousands of years all the East, from Greece with its islands to India and to Egypt, was lucky enough to be served by the true Magic.
Some antediluvian and postdiluvian civilizations as Dravidians - Hinterlanders, Atlantins, Lemurians, Antarktians and other not revealed civilizations used and got profit by Magic, the hyperconscience of their times". Book: White Magic, p. 9.

- "White Magic is the awakening and the use of all the man's moral powers and the fighting against himself's and his other fellow-men's bad instincts and all the black thoughts and actions. White Magic is the sowing and the use of the good and saint ideas so that after a while, the crop of superbright results may be effected, results that were made and came from the initial sowing of White Magic". Book: White Magic, p. 13.

- "Because every esoteric law is the radiation of God, it is HIS SPIRIT VIBRATION, HIS THROBBING HEART, HIS DIVINE MIND emitting the absolute Perfection accompanying HIS LOVE". Book: Occultismology A' Volume, p. 24.

- "The first Karma, the first obligation has already been realized. What does this falling Karmic obligation is paid with? It is paid with death and with the rendering to matter-nature of all the elements received by the spirit-soul, for the construction of its physical body. This is the way the Omni-universal Karma Law operates in". Book: Karma, the Law of the Retributive Justice, p. 38.

- "Only the blessed beings who are possessed by Substance, Manas, as we call it in Esoterism, are subject to Karma. This happens because only by Karma the liberation and the emancipation from the form worlds of every spirit-soul is attained.
For this reason, three seeds accompany the spirit-soul to the form worlds:
A) The Reincarnation seed.
b) The Free Will seed.
c) The Karma Retributive Justice seed...
Book: Karma, p. 43.

- "Karma is not only limited among humanity. It is found in the whole Omnicreation and constitutes the cohesive and controlling power supervising on all the vibrations in order, with their objective purposes". Book: Karma, pages 53-54.

- "As far as my experiences allow me to know, both facts happen: The Retributive Justice Law as well as the matter reaction compete and naturally rival each other. Law has as its perpetual organ the soul of man. Matter has as its faithful organ the Mind of man. Mind and Soul. Matter and Spirit. Everything takes place between the two poles and Karma is formed in this way". Book: Karma, p. 95.

- "When Karma comes as a friend, is your ennemy and when it approaches you as an enemy, is your friend. This paradox fact for the human logic is the full and true Karma image. It is about the counterbalancing power that man has within him. When this power is increased, his spirituality - goodness is reduced. When this counterbalancing power is reduced, then his spirituality is increased". Book: Karma, p. 134.

- "What is therefore Karma? It is man's identity itself. It is his composed Being. It is the total of everything that formed his present character. This character was formed by the total of the actions, thoughts, words, by its infinite conclusions, by the experience he gathered and that constitute the man's character at every moment". Book: Karma, p. 163.

- "The aim of Karma is that the spirit-soul may be taught
of the oppositions results, which will have as a consequence for man to know the results of the throbbings (vibrations) in matter. Also, the matter chopping will be effected and the spirit-soul delusion will be heard in order to produce its reaction, the existing hidden within it Eternal Knowledge that when applied-followed in the physical life, will render the mortal being immortal and the unwise wise". Book: Karma, p. 138.

- "So, how is it possible to avoid it? For this reason, man must get activated, without having as his aim the result of his labour. Whatever man does, he does it for His Heavenly Father's favour and not for the sake of his individual interests and of his own mainless and vain satisfaction"... Book: Karma, p. 218.

- The training will be effected by seven roots races. By seven subraces. By seven nations. By seven countries. By seven collective groups. By subraces groups and by seven reconnections, after the disparition of the main root race. It is 7 x 7 = 49 steps by which every spirit-soul must pass, by the fallen angels. Every race is obliged to form 49 different but mutually completed huge educational Centers by which the spirit-souls of the main root race will pass to get the necessary instruction and to get liberated.
There are many possibilities for man to pass by a root race to his completion, returning to the later root race, as a master. Let us see now the racial schools: 1st race 49, 2nd race 49, 3rd race 49, 4th race 49, 5th race 49, 6th race 49 and 7th and last race 49. We have 7 x 49 = 343 earthy schools which the seven roots races will form in the lower form world". Book: Karma, p. 224.

- "We estimate that every race needs 50.000 to 60.000 years to transmit truth, in order that fellow-man may be able to reject matter and return to his previous situation, as a pure, Divine angel, as a perfect DEVAS, released even from the last shortcoming of the inhibitive matter. We have seven roots races, each one for 50.000 earthly years 7 X 50.000 = 350.000 years to half a million years. As there is always a delay in the appliance of the Divine Plan programmes, due to the matter case, finally one million (1.000.000) years are needed so that the roots main races may be able to work productively.
I should like to inform you now that 1.000.000 (one million) years have passed since the animal man felt his first enlightment, his self-knowledge, his intelligible reaction and since he understood that he is different than the other animals, since his Mind moved. The fallen angel's spirit-soul entered man and their mental and intellectual function operated IMMEDIATELY.
However, as soon as we entered the fifth (5th) root race - two roots main races still remain - which means, according to the most moderate calculations, that the time limits will be greatly multiplied so that the masters may be able to teach the spirit-souls and so that the fallen angels may be liberated again. These angels look like the bees that fell in their own thick honey, stuck their wings in it, filled up their stomachs and cannot get out again from their own product, which they themselves produced to nourish some others. In the same way our spirits-souls were deadly attached in matter and it is now too difficult for them to get detached". Book: Karma, pages 224-225.

- "The Divine Plan is delayed and the elevating evolution of the spirit-souls is also delayed. This means that Karma is accomplished by the spirit-souls forming inceasingly a new Karma. This behaviour takes place due to two causes: They refuse to feel pain, to pay, to render, to reunite the separated things and to harmonize what they have decomposed from their Free Will.
The next cause after the first avoiding of pain, is their illusion that in the form world, they get activated more and apply their free will in a particular ease. This, however, is not true. On the contrary, the freedom of our will is here limited by the three-dimensional conditions, since no activity can escape from place, time and causality. It is rather about the retirement of the spirit-souls from THEIR SELF-KNOWLEDGE and from their administration by the manmind that is a perfect organ of Mother, nature-matter". Book: Karma, pages 225-226.

- "Every man bears within him his Karma. This directs him and guides him in every step of his life. Of course, man may know how to accept, reacting respectively, what happens in every step of his. There is neither joy in the agreeable things nor sorrow in the disagreeable things. Everywhere there is a measure. Everywhere there is a reserve, a counting, how much Karma comes out of the unpleasant and how much Karma comes out of the pleasant matters". Book: Karma, p. 303.

- "Now the thoughts about Karma guide me to suicide that hits humanity from the very beginning of its existence. The greatest sin, the greatest Karmic reaction is the act of suicide, the technical and unnatural retirement of every living form from life.
The being who acts a suicide leaves behind him cowardly and defeatedly the mission of the retributive justice". Book: Karma, p. 333.

- "The suicides make the same error that the Fallen beings do. They abandon the return of their debts and stop their own evolution and liberation". Book: Karma, p. 333.

- "Another thought torturing the esoteric searcher is: Is man allowed to search in the matters of God? In His wills and His works? Is it a Karma for the spirit-soul, to try to penetrate its Father plans? I shall try to answer by the view of the analysed matter, Karma.
I steadfast believe that man can and must investigate the matters of God, because when he searches what conserns God, he conceives His perfection. And taking this perfection as an example, he enters the path of the eternal joy and of the divine revelation, learning the required truth. It is our sweetest moment when we know the Wills of Lord, as inside them all Truth aiming its beloved perfection, is contained. Yes, we can study the wishes of Lord and Father. When our spirit-soul tries to penetrate His ultraviolet spiritual vibrations in order to conceive His least saint Plans, there is no Karma.
For this reason, you must study the Scriptures. Yes, my friend reader. Do not miss your everyday opportunity to study the Scriptures of Lord". Book: Karma, p. 337.

- "But the present matter, Karma is so great the all the books in the world cannot write it. Because every man has his own particular case of his individual Karma and every family, race and peoples have in every historical period, their own private Karma". Book: Karma, p. 343.

- "When Mind reflects the vision of souls, it feels sailing into it the memories of its pre-livers. Then, astonished, it lives its infinite experiences, as an insignificant or as a solemn person, as a head of a family or as a bachelor, as rich or as poor, as a quiet man or as an insatiable warrior, as a happy or as an unhappy being, etc.
This reflection of man's pre-livers is accompanied by numerous experiences that the visionary automatically realizes, not being interrupted by anything happening around him (earthquakes, thunders, explosions, demonstrations, war conflicts and every kind of disturbances. This is the ecstasy situation where Mind is now attached with his soul, forgetting the senses and the phenomena or the facts taking placing around him. He lives his eternal existences that formed his present personality, good or bad, saint or satanic". Book: Reincarnation, pages 22-23.

- "When the babe comes out of the mother's womb, the spirit-soul enters the babe from his little head covered now by its etheric diving-suits.
Incarnation, reincarnation follows faithfully this way. There are definitely some exceptions. In some cases, the spirit-soul enters a physical bearer of different ages and the body of the spirit-soul gets established in the body, either after an invitation by the owner or even compulsorily. Also, the spirit-souls get self-materialized and appear as men under known physiognomies or as unknown persons. These souls must execute some missions and as soon as this happens, they get dematerialized and leave again to their worlds from which they came". Book: Reincarnation, p. 28.

- "When we call man "a being having seven souls" we are not completely mistaken, since man has eight bodies. Soul is surrounded by many bodies - thoraxes and each of these bodies has its own Mind and its own senses that while are too many at the beginning, finally they are five in our physical body. All these Minds work under the guidance and the supervision of soul being the assignee of the substance - spirit". Book: Reincarnation, p. 31.

- "The incarnation of every spirit-soul takes place under a pre-studied plan by the critical committee of Karma. The spirit-soul, from the 12th dimension and below, is accompanied by a plan and by an explanatory note, how the body, the exterior bearer will be formed. In the basis of this etheric plan, the etheric effigy-body, the netting model, the fire body is constructed, of which the physical body we have and we know, will be produced and weavened". Book: Reincarnation, p. 32.

- "While incarnation is effected once, precisely on the first time, Reincarnation takes place as a repeated incarnation or as a reincarnation or as a rebirth or as a Metempsychosis, as some people call it, not knowing the meaning of this Pythagorean word". Book: Reincarnation, p. 43.

- "What is the aim of reincarnation? The absolute closing of the spirit-soul in matter, so that man may be able to study - live - realize, experience, be completely identified with it. After this absolute acquaintance, the triumph of the awakening as well as the resurrection of the spirit-soul will be heard, its abhorrence to matter and its great decision to get free for ever from the heavy bonds of matter, rising from the tomb horror". Book: Reincarnation, pages 52-53.

- "What evidently appears to be reincarnated and reborn is the immortal substance within us, our personality, our correct self, our spirit-soul, our eternal and immortal being, our right and true self, our spirit-soul.
This being of ours gets reincarnated and reborn, it returns and re-enters the body of the infant, coming out of the mother's womb". Book: Reincarnation, p. 83.
I repeat it: for the normal and correct behaviour in the souls expressions, it is our duty and obligation to keep the freedom of every spirit-soul. This means that every member of a family has the same presuppositions for a possible freedom that if used, the individual will get what needs". Book: Reincarnation, p. 98.

- "If the spirit-soul were judged for one and only incarnation, surely the judgement would be unjust, because it is not possible for it in just one incarnation, to get all the negative mysteries of our world, to try the desire requirements and to return to its initial purity. The spirit-soul would wrongly be hung. The Fallen angel would be pushed in Hades and then, completely foreign from the mysteries of the place, would fall into its infinite traps, to get over-blackballed, to get all-blemished, to get all-blackened. This is why reincarnations and infinite opportunities were given, so that soul may return to their previous positions the irregularized things by same that, drunk of matter in the past and staggering, caused all this.

- "Almost all the leaders of humanity come from the COLLECTIVE SOULS, knowing their absolute compliance with the Divine Laws as well as because they have been trained to have an incredible patience and tolerance that only them experienced and passed through". Book: Reincarnation, pages 115-116.

- "Here Metaphysics prevails with its inimitable esophilosophy. The enlightment of fellow-man on the Esoteric Truth is indepensable and necessary. If this is achieved, the ostensible man begins to have a different attitude and little by little, he turns to find his discussed esoteric self being within him (his esoteric self), the eternity glory. From this moment, the son of man becomes instantly Son of God and the offered irritations of his senses simply verify the synthetic inability of nature - matter, to give something better, superior and most perfect, as the new psychical situation of the enlightened being expects". Book: Reincarnation, p. 127.

- "As soon as these souls that are redeemed from our world, reach the last step of the lower intellectual area and they get ready to enter the fifth step of the Intellectual world or the first step of the superior Intellect (the lower Intellectual world has four steps and the superior Intellectual world has three steps), the eternal question of our Most beloved Father is heard for all the successful - liberated spirit-souls.
The Father's voice says: "Do you like to come back my son, to teach my younger children? If you wish to return, you must undertake to teach and to enlighten your brothers and your sisters, how to get prepared to be delivered as you also were delivered and you are now immortal".
The new spirit-soul thinks for a little. The Father's request is very warm. The freedom of his will is going to decide. Most people ask to continue the ascension to the Father's arms. Some others ask to return to our world, untouched now from Karma, as reincarnated Lords, as envoys, as Masters of the Eternal Wisdom". Book: Reincarnation, p. 143.

- "The Posthumous Life has been now written in my soul and not in my physical mind. My hand takes the pencil under the consent and the indication of my soul, to write you its belief and the truth about life and death.
There is no death. Only the form representations change and appear as new again, by the strengthening substance being always in every form expression, reasonable or unreasonable, in the living or in the dead matter, as the exterior science calls it". Book: Posthumous Life, pages 9 and 10.

- "Did you really, think ever about it? What else is life than a clash point of this substance radiation on and in a region that is knitted by elements and by electromagnetic levels". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 10.

- "Nobody else can nor knows how to turn or to handle the valve allowing the life substance entering our etheric body. So, as soon as the babe comes out of the womb, is received or falls into the etheric network awaiting for the infant. Immediately and automatically the baby's soul opens this hinge that will be shut up the last moment of the defined death of the man's physical body". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 36.

- "The repentance of the previous course of the man's behaviour creates the beginning and not the end, as many people believe, of a new, stellar shell formation". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 53.

- "He who passes by the first four areas and enters the fifth one belonging to the superior intellectual step, becomes completely immortal and is not subject to any new obligatory incarnation". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 56.

- "However, the common man, in order to elevate his conscience over his physical etherical body, to the stellar one, must first construct it. He begins with the known desires of food and of his staying in the physicoetherical situation, when he forms the initial primitive stellarlike steps or areas and he elevates his conscience to the point he has created. He awakes his soul itself until there". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 73.

- "The contact with our esoteric spirit is effected, even if our soul is still in the etheric stellar and in the thymoastric systems of these lower and denser worlds.
That is why the "know yourself" has a deepest meaning and he who conceives it, becomes the ruler of wisdom. Mysticism and Meditation, philosophy and visionalism, pursue this from life. A meeting with the existing in our being holy and thrice holy SPIRIT". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 86.

- "However a moment will come, a moment that is not called evidently. Then, Universes, Worlds and creations will be absorbed. At that divine and holy moment of the wrinkling and of the regathering of worlds and of beings in the Father's arms, His exciting voice will be heard asking us to reveal our works and our days, in the outer and in the inner worlds.
Then, by a shattering leap, the spirit keeping deeply the worldly and the eternal archives will transfer and will empty in the Father's being the whole experience he gathered having soul as intermediary as well as the different bodies from the innumerable incarnations in the universes and in all the dimensions". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 101.

- "Knowledge is symbolized by a snake. The snake bite hurts and this pain makes soul to feel how the experience getting from the snake bite to man's body operates...
This is how Buddha characterized pain and desire. Every desire is a pain. Where there is a desire there is a pain. Freedom comes when there are pains without being derived from any desire". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 114.

- "When soul is ready to descend, is accompanied by an etherical programme, how to pass life into our physical world. In this programme, the birth moment and the death moment are defined in incredible details. Nothing is left and nothing is forgotten". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 126.

- "Despite all this, soul does not refuse the exterior world. On the contrary: Mysticism strengthens, regenerates and activates human soul. It is as if the divine auras afford soul new development and energical awakening philters, because they push man of the visions and of the mysticist experiences to higher and indeed of most general interest works". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 184.

- "What do these mystic fellow-men of ours feel and see, that makes them to accept and to believe blindly what the other people consider as unimportant childish fables? They see and live in other real worlds - dimensions - areas of another matter situation, where the souls together with other bodies, similar to our known physical body, live, work and exist. Those who secretly know these cases get acquainted and flock together with these souls and then they continue their natural life, as if absolutely nothing happened meantime". Book: Posthumous Life, p. 190.

- "Every psychopathy form has been so greatly spread in our times that it has overpassed the fears of cancer and of aids. It is a mental disease ruling all the body. Our Mind, being made of the same matter, as the whole body, suffers the oscillations of the matter elements oppositions and... succumbs.
The modern life stress bursts out on Mind that, incompetented to solve our present problems and trying to escape from OUR PRESSURES refuses to conform to our absurd requirements, following a completely different behaviour than the defined one by our nature.
Then man falls first into different phobias and finally, he finds the easy way of avoiding every necessary solution to his numerous problems, working in and for other matters. Due to his easy inability to solve the presented problems, he plays the part of the ill, of the psychopathic being. And this habit of enchanging parts, from the physical to the technical, to the actor's role, becomes so strong that finally, acting becomes his nature and his right human nature leaves for ever and appears in a false way, as an... actorship.
This behaviour transfer from the natural to its opposite attitude, to the false and unnatural attitude, forms psychopathy that brongs its victim to the other side of the physical life, to the sickly area where the ill fantasies present good as evil, friends as enemies, lie as truth and reversely". Book: Psychotherapeutics without medicines, p. 7.

There are two brains in the head: The frontal brain and the dorsal brain. In our navel there is the clutch brain (the solar netting) the present of which is evident by the ventriloquists and our fellow-men of another type who express themselves and talk by this Mind. The fourth brain is on the basis of the vertebral column and possesses the control of the Universal energy that the mortal being inherits to pass by the physical life and to transmit it to his descendants so that they may be able to maintain matter that forms our physical body.
The right cooperation of these four brains creates the familiar health order that man presents and that we call Divine order. Book: HEALTHY MIND, Psychotherapeutics without medicines, pages 20-21.

- "I return to the subject I touched in my preface. There are two kinds of ill persons: Those who need an esoteric therapy and those who struggle to find the exterior therapist. An experience is needed for the therapist to locate them. He must by no means accept those who tend to an exterior therapy, because they react incredibly, they get too tight, they get enclosed and reject any effort of the therapist to approach them.
On the other hand, there the others who by their nature itself are completely ready to find their esotherapist, to become one with him and to let themselves free, to open their subconscious gates and to help him to repair the conscience damages". Book: Psychotherapeutics without medicines, p. 28.

- "The exterior science believes that everything in the human creature came from the cells. Although the muscular system as well as all the other systems resulted from the cells, still the architect was the etheric model, that as a canvas received the weavening of the whole physical body which most certainly weaved using a thread of various colours, especially the cells as much of the muscular as of the other systems composing and forming the human organism". Book: Psychotherapeutics without medicines, p. 32.

-"At first, the muscular and then the nervous system were created. The nervous system is the transmitter and the transporter of the external vibrations. On the contrary, the muscular system is a receiver and a transporter of the internal vibrations. The nervous system gets orders to put out the fishing systems the vibrations of which will attract inwards the interests of their five senses.
The muscular system transfers from Mind (subconscience) the vibrating orders to all the organism cells and life power to them. The muscular system feeds with energy and life the whole body. Every moment, it brings the news in the center of the brain and transfers to the cells all the Mind orders, through subconscience". Book: Psychotherapeutics without medicines.

- "The blond animals used to drink only the milk of the goats. These goats of the Epidavros Asclepion used to eat only grass which grew on magnetic grounds. These magnetic grounds were brought from Pilion and Trikala, where the two first Asclepions were. The third one of Epidavros was the most perfect and the biggest all over Greece. There Paries were brought up, those blond animanls, the therapeutic-magnetic snakes that were sent to all the Asclepia of the world that was known at those times". Book: Psychotherapeutics without medecines, p. 63.

- "The healthy Mind is always presented as the white Sorcerer. He is the good man that every moment is sacrificed for every fellow-man of his. The ill Mind is the bad Sorcerer that every moment tries to get profit of his fellow-men, in order, as he alleges, not to be considered as a NAIVE man. Because the cunning rationalists characterize the right, their just, the frank and badless fellow-man as a naive man". Book: Psychotherapeutics without medicines, p. 80.

- "I would say that this organ, the man's tongue is the projection of the completed Mind. It contains within it the dynamism of subconscience, conscience and hyperconscience. During this phase of the human race's evolutionary course, the tongue is captured by conscience and remoted from subconscience and hyperconscience.
The tongue has a close contact with the muscles and the subnerves, the fibers and the cells, the accretion and the hypophysis, with the circulating system and with the ganglion system, as well as with other systems unknown to the exterior therapeutics systems, as: the immortal water system, Nektaros and Amvrosias that pulls it from the brain depths and brings it down, to the two holes of the crane and to our tongue root"... Book: Psychotherapeutics without medicines, p. 94.

- "CHAOS means the UNSOWN PART OF ITS OMNI-UNIVERSAL FLAME. Where chaos prevails, there is not any vibrating ray and therefore EVERY SUSPICION OF LIFE AND OF EXISTENCE is absent". Book: Occultismology A' Volume, p. 197.

- THE SELF-SUFFICIENCY OF GOD AND HEAD OF THE RACE AND FATHER contains everything and again everything: Good and evil, negative and positive, kind and wicked, love and hate. Because, if it did not contain all this, ITS SELF-SUFFICIENCY would be missing and it would not be what it had and has to be, that is SELF-SUFFICIENT". Book: Occultology, A' Volume, p. 323.

- "The great dream of every member of the collective soul is the moment of its accomplishment with a spiritual and psychical substance and its detachment from the group, under a new quality of the well-known individualization". Book: Occultology, A' Volume, p. 329.
The individualized spirit-souls of the collective souls, though are distributed in pairs in the group family, rarely meet each other in the individualized presentation-expression, to live together the experiences of the human form experiences.
Due to this, they are radically different than the born pairs by the same Father, in the basis-seat-area of the Spiritual Beginning. There, in a splendid percussion cap-blister, two spirit-seeds coexist absolutely basically born and individualized"... Book: Occultology, B'Volume, p. 80.

- "However, the experience that such an individualized spirit-soul has, is immense and overconsiderable. For this reason, the supereminent earthly beings, men, came from a similar spirit-soul. That is why we tell the exquisite spirits that they rather come from below, from the mineral depths, from the matter depths, where Spirit is revealed as an eternal Power holding together, overheating and quickening the particles movement of the world core". Book: Occultismology B' Volume, p. 79.

- "However, Occultism and occultist do not interprete and do not teach whatever they find or whatever Mother Nature hides from our Mind. But they continually search and maintain the invented, the revealed things. On the contrary, Occultologist and Occultology teach in oral and in written and by any means, what has been learned, deciphered, discovered, found out, explained.
Personally, I am an Occultologist and at the same time an Occultist aiming to the most possible transmission of every new or of every oldest Knowledge or of every disputed Knowledge or even of any not accepted by the alleged experts, knowledge"... Book: Occultology, A' volume, p. 99.
- "In 1976, in Athens, Kolonaki, at 56 Omirou street, Athens Omakoeio was established, to teach the true Pythagorean theory, under the new title ESOTERISM. Then I established OMAKOEIO, helped by another person. It was there that I wrote many books, it was there that I published the Omakoeio journal. It was there that I was inspired of and published the Esoteric key. Also there I taught for four full years: Mysticism and Occultism, Esoteric Philosophy and Esoteric Therapeutics, Esoteric Initiation, Yoga philosophy in the real basis relax. Finally, it was there that I wrote my most essays and my most Metaphysical unpublished for ever notes. Afterwards, I removed in 17 Spyridona Trikoupi street, Exarchia, where I still live. Here I wrote my two last published books, Posthumous Life and Raja Yoga. Here also I wrote some new Essays and taught the greatest part of all my teaching life.
Finally, it was here that I formed the Peripatetic School. I established here the Raja Yoga and the Kriya Yoga School. Also, I taught Neoplatonism and Neopythagorism. Then my wife died suddenly. I went, self-exiled, to Astoria, New York. There, I wrote the complementary chapters of the Two Volumes of Metaphysical Encyclopaedia arriving about one thousand (1.000) handwritten pages. My whole life was the Omakoeio dream. Before I established it, I had written my first 5 books: Light, Theurgy, Patapios, Dainiken and Yoga. The book "Theurgy" was written by me in Egypt. But my students will write the complements. However, before I close what I wrote, I mention here to you that I wrote my most beautiful book, which I called: Practical KRIYA YOGA Method. (See Two Volumes Metaphysical Encyclopaedia [B'Volume], p. 611).

- "At this moment of my dedication, I feel that I live beyond the place-time limitation, beyond the chains of nature-matter. I live now in the bliss of the interminable spirituality. I offer my reader exactly this pscychical redemption by this three-volumes book". Book: Secret Teaching, Third Volume, page 8.

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